1. Bill's Saloon

From the recordings Bill's Saloon and Bill's Saloon

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Bill’s Saloon
A little bar stands
On about 10th and P Street
Little bar
Where close-minded people meet
Don’t ask me for a stroll
To that watering hole
You’re better off
To stand in the street

It’s too soon for Bill’s Saloon
It’s too soon for Bill’s Saloon
They’re not friendly people
(They’re a bunch of goons/loons)
And they act like goons (They won’t like our tunes)
So stay away from Bill’s Saloon

I remember when
We’d played our last set
Our band worked (tried) hard
But the crowd was upset
Trading jabs with that (a) slob
Then chased out by the mob
Faces of scorn
I’ll never forget

In the winter time
I’d rather freeze outside
In the summer time
I’d rather scorch in the heat
I will never arrive
For a drink in that dive
We’ll walk right (on) past
To find a seat

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)