June 26, 2022 

A Review of Band Well's "War Stories" 

By Talal Waqas 

If you are like us and you like your music to tell stories, look no further than Band Well; a band led by Jay Banwell. Jay is a true music enthusiast and he uses his talent and skills to write music that inspires people, increases empathy in their hearts and spreads love. His love and passion for music encouraged him to create this studio band that provides a platform to many talented and dedicated musicians. Banwell likes to tell stories with his music. For that matter, he has collaborated with some incredible artists from Germany, United States and England for his latest album War Stories. Although, Band Well has been in the industry for over 5 years now; there has not been a time when they have ever disappointed their audience. Their songs are incredibly meaningful and powerful. That is the quality that sets them apart from the rest of the industry.  

Recently Jay Banwell announced his latest album War Stories. The album is exactly about the thing that its name suggests; stories from the times of war all over the world. We all know that war is a difficult time for many. Some people lose family and some lose their own lives. In times of war, there is disaster, chaos and tragedy everywhere but if we look at the brighter side, war is also the time when true acts of heroism come out of the shadows. Unfortunately, they are not heard of enough but Band Well did not want their sufferings to go in vain. They conveyed true and authentic stories in their songs from some of the most tragic times that earth has ever seen such as WWI, WWII, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Vietnam War and Somali Civil War in the 90s. There is a lot to learn from these stories, we are not only talking about history but we also learn many important life lessons that we need to start applying in our everyday lives. War Stories includes notable artists such as Thomas Niedermayer and Billy Rae Barnett as its key contributors.  

War Stories is an overall spectacular album in terms of morals, ethics, education and music in general. It is unique compared to the music industry of today as the songs have deep meanings and a purpose which we rarely get to listen to in the music of today. Moreover, all of the tracks on this album are from a variety of genres ranging from country to rock meaning the album is for everyone! The debut song of the album “Christmas Day 1944” was dropped in December 2021. Shortly after its release, the single made quite the impact in digital music sales and scored several streams on Spotify. In spring of 2022, “Mad Tuesday” came out. Once again, the single performed phenomenally and caught attention of many people from all over the world.  

The album is available online on Band Well’s website from July 1, 2022. We are beyond excited to listen to the incredible music and stories Jay Banwell and his band has to tell.  The album and singles will be available online at bandwellmusic.com. You will shortly be able to find War Stories on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and many more. So, Stay Tuned!