From the recordings Bill's Saloon and Let Me Out of this Place

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Let Me Out of This Place
I went to see my friends in Georgia
I’d been gone so long it’d been several years
They’re the type of people that really bore ya
I ended up pickin’ my nose at Sears

Let Me Out of this Place
Until tomorrow
I’ve been here way too long yes
And my mind is totally gone
You can see
Buy me another case
Until tomorrow
I’ll be a drunkin’ fool yes
But that’s the general rule for me
Oh can’t you see ?
That’s the way it’s gonna be

Two years later I was in Tennessee
But no one there would put up with me
I went to the bars every night
And when I wasn’t drunk I was in a fight

I went to see my mother in California
She took her hand and slapped me straight across the face
She said: “Look son, I’m gonna warn ya”
“You ain’t never comin’ back to my humble place”

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)