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Red Cloud (Leader of the Plains)
In the North fork of the great Platte River
Was a young man made ready to fight
When threats came to western lands of grain
He protected ground with all of his might

Leader of the plains
Master of the reign
Red Cloud brings thunder down (is storming now)

As troops gave chase to a band past Lodge Trail Ridge
They were ambushed by thousands of braves
When screams stopped it was such a horrid sight
Not a single troop avoided his grave

Lots of (several) pledges made but never kept
Fat suits are just what you’d expect
One promise you’re sure to understand
In the end they’re taking all your land
White man left his forts in Lakota land
Parker’s peace plan just made problems worse
Red Cloud stood to summon more demands
He was last to sign; put Sioux Nation first


Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)