From the recordings Bill's Saloon and John King's Guns

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John King’s Guns

John King was a handsome young man
Women trailed him and his clan
He ran with a tough crowd
Got himself in trouble with the law

John didn’t learn from doin’ time
Hitched to the gangs and ways of crime
He dressed with flamboyance
Shot ten bandits down in Mexico


John King’s Guns won’t be outdone – beware
John King’s Guns will shoot (kill) someone – I swear

John’s ivory pistols drew real fast
Jabs (taunts) from vaqueros didn’t last
He clubbed one with iron
Spun around and shot the others down

John tried hard to start a new life
Made Ms. Vivian his new wife
He settled on a ranch
Raised his cattle and his daughters well

John King would meet his last day
When Ben and him went to a play
He missed the two traitors
Got shot in their (an) ambush and he died

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)