1. The Minuteman

From the recordings Bill's Saloon and The Minuteman

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The Minute Man
Sending warnings to Medford homesteads
Clashing in trenches close and away
Salem Common is where it started
Guarding our Homeland still today

He is standing tall
He’s been through it all

It’s the Minuteman
He’s taking command
It’s the Minuteman
Our life’s in his hands
For he understands
(He’s) It’s the Minuteman

Fighting at Yorktown for our freedom
Marching (Bearing) South (down) to save New Orleans
Keeping States in tact (place) through rebellion
Landing on beaches in Normandy

He is firm and strong
He’ll fight all day long

Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo
Circling towers through fire and smoke
Chasing hurricanes, flooding and snow
A Citizen-Soldier we’re proud to know

He’ll be on the way
He is here to stay

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)