From the recordings Bill's Saloon and Journey on the Sea

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Journey on the Sea

I can take a journey on the sea
To set a course with no remorse, no guarantees
You’ll soon learn, I don’t hold to the stern
Bows-on Zion !

I will take a journey on the sea
The sky is clear to face the fear staring at me
Distant winds, don’t try to pull me in
I’ll shove (push) away

I glide through a journey on the sea
Your waves we’ll chop; this ship moves on setting me free
Crescents gleam, inside the birth I dream
Deep in my sleep

I hear a chime
Through a mist I awaken
In an endless time

I am in a journey on the sea
Absorb the creed, live through the seed, never to flee
Turn the tide, amnesty never hides
Bring my pride back

I learn from my journey on the sea
To shed disgrace, seek my God’s grace, reach apogee
Sacrifice guides me to paradise
Long lasting salt

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)