From the recordings Bill's Saloon and The Pain Doesn't Go Away

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The Pain Doesn’t Go Away
I don’t eat
When you won’t feed me
I get slapped
In back of my knees
I stay weak
From the drugs forced in
I am meek
From the way you grab my chin

I get hit
In the head and nose
I have blood
Running through my clothes
I am sore
From a hard-floor bed
I hurt more
When I know what lays ahead

The pain doesn’t go away
There’s nothing I want you to say
It hurts much worse when you try to stay
The pain doesn’t go away

I’ve been told not to take the blame
But guilt is friends with shame
I’ll buildup more dignity
While I guard my purity

I get scared
When the floor-boards creak
I don’t like
Harsh words that you speak
I won’t hide
Cause that makes you mad
I have pride
Even though you say I’m bad

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2020 W. Jay Banwell (ASCAP)