From the recording Mad Tuesday (Dolle Dinsdag)

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Mad Tuesday is based on the Dolle Dinsdag event that took place in the Netherlands in September 1944 and during World War II. Basically, rumors were spread about the populace that Allied forces were close to liberating Dutchmen, but unfortunately, that was not the case.


Words and Music by Jay Banwell

Mad Tuesday

Radio Oranje has broadcast liberty (10)
There are people dancing next to me (9)
We’re watching you retreat (6)
Through our streets (3)

How is it that you’re still inside our home?
You are not allowing us to roam
Defectors will be caught
Perps are shot

I will not obey (5)
*We will not obey

(It’s) Mad Tuesday
Mad Tuesday
Mad Tuesday

I tell kids it is time to go to bed
We’ll shut down the railways instead
Rumors are spreading well
Flea (run) like hell

Why is it that you take our friends away?
Parents and their families have no say
You order our support
No retorts