1. Fall In

From the recordings War Stories and Fall In

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Fall In is a song based on the exploits of Joseph Plumb Martin, who served through challenging and agonizing events of the Revolutionary War.


Fall In

Fall In
It's time to fight again
We've got to make our march
Your musket's gone
Why aren't you moving along
I don't know how we will ever begin

Fall In
They're pouring grape again
Soldiers are in the pond
We're sinking fast
Squads crawl out mud-soaked like rats
I pull out corpses of several good men

Fall In
Fall In

Fall In
And soon we halt again
We're laying on the ground
Cold in the nude
Our boys are starving for food
I dodge the ball like it never will end

Fall In
It rains on us again
Muskets are empty now
No food to chew
Soon we are ordered to move
I march off quietly cursing within

Fall In